Christi Craddick: Texas has its priorities this legislative session


By Christi Craddick , December 20,2022


What we have created in Texas hasn’t happened by accident. Through thoughtful leadership – leaders who saw potential and opportunity from rural Texas to our major cities – we have built the nation’s strongest economy and recruited next generation visionaries.


Over the past two decades, it has been this innovation, common sense, and dedication to conservative principles that have allowed Texas to build an economy that is truly second-to-none. Today, we are a national leader in energy production, high-tech manufacturing, and research, and are home to companies involved in cutting-edge industries like biomedicine and space exploration.


We have moved far beyond trying to understand how we create an unprecedented wave of prosperity to now sustaining and protecting it.


Our state’s future depends on three overarching priorities: safety, infrastructure and workforce.


The reality is the world we are living in is different than 20 years ago. New technologies bring new risks. As we work to bring more Texas communities online through broadband expansion, we need to also develop new and effective cyber security protections. As an example, at the Railroad Commission, we have taken the initiative to begin updating our own IT infrastructure with the goals of better protecting our critical systems, enhancing cyber security, and providing more transparency to the public.


I have had the opportunity to learn about and see firsthand several cyber security programs at our community colleges and universities developing new technologies and training the next generation of state-of-the-art cyber defenders.


We must also continue funding and supporting our law enforcement, protecting our communities, our southern border and other ports of entry.


To do all of this and more, we need infrastructure and a quality workforce. From roads to water to energy, we must also protect our natural resources while looking ahead at what our state and its surging population will need now and into the future.


Already, we are in need of more teachers, healthcare providers and other skilled workers, and I know these are top priorities as state leaders and lawmakers prepare for the next legislative session.


Our community college systems across the state are developing innovative degree programs and partnerships with local employers to train our workforce and address critical shortage areas.


I believe in Texas’ ability to meet the current and future needs to keep Texas strong, as we train tomorrow’s leaders, and foster an environment that supports job creation and freedom for those looking to raise their family in safe communities, with quality schools, and upward mobility.


The Texas dream is one of a diverse landscape, people and opportunities. The more we invest in Texas, the more self-reliant and free from dependence on any foreign government we will be. Part of that includes taking care of Texas itself, stewarding our natural resources and our environment, which is a fundamental priority at the Commission. From safety inspections to plugging abandoned wells, we are working to protect and preserve long-term sustainability of our communities. In Texas, we know how to safeguard our resources while creating jobs and promoting energy independence in an industry that makes up 30 percent of our state’s economy.


As state leaders, we must not only work at protecting and sustaining the state’s success but anticipate how to build on it for current and future generations.


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