CNC Announces Advisory Board Members

HOUSTON – The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) today announced the formation of its Advisory Board, which includes members from various regions throughout the country and key stakeholders within the energy industry. The CNC recently announced Susan Combs as Chairperson of the Advisory Board, and the members announced today make up the Board. The CNC’s Advisory Board is a council of volunteer members who have expertise in areas that will guide the coalition’s policy recommendations and public education efforts.


“The CNC Advisory Board is made up of some of the foremost experts across many economic sectors not only in Texas, but the entire country,” said CNC Founder Corbin Robertson Jr.“With their guidance and counsel, the CNC will be well-positioned to realize its goal of making Texas carbon neutral by 2050. As investors and consumers demand cleaner energy resources, this coalition will lead the way in turning fossil fuels green, while preserving jobs and keeping the Lone Star State the energy capital of the world.”


“The Carbon Neutral Coalition is undertaking a monumental effort to preserve the future of fossil fuels, while working towards a carbon-neutral Texas by the year 2050,” said CNC Advisory Board Chairperson, Susan Combs. “The members who make up this Advisory Board represent the brightest minds in the energy, business, and public policy sectors, and will be instrumental in developing the Coalition’s policy recommendations. As Chairperson of the Board, I am grateful to each member for their selfless service as we work towards creating a brighter and cleaner future for this critical industry.”


The CNC Advisory Board is made up of the following individuals:


Susan Combs, Austin, Texas (Chairperson): Fellow at the University of Texas Center for Identity, Former Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, and Former Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget, and Chief Financial Officer at the United States Department of Interior.


Thurmon Andress, Houston, Texas: President of Andress Oil & Gas LP.
Mike Belenkie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: President and Chief Operating Officer of Advantage Energy Ltd.


Sarah Biller, Boston, Massachusetts: Executive Director of Vantage Ventures and Co-Founder of the FinTech Sandbox.


Jim Blackburn, Houston, Texas: Professor of Environmental Law at Rice University and Faculty Scholar at the Baker Institute.


Tina Yturria Buford, Harlingen, Texas: Director of Education for the East Foundation, Former Board President of Texan by Nature, and Former Board President of the Texas Wildlife Association.


Tom Carter, Houston, Texas: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the General Partner of Blackstone Minerals.


Dan E. Cole, Frisco, Texas: Vice President of Commercial Development and Governmental Relations for Denbury Inc.


Elizabeth Ames Coleman, Rosedale, Mississippi: Partner at EnergyNorthAmerica, LLC, Former Texas State Representative, and Former Texas Railroad Commissioner.


Jack Coleman, Rosedale, Mississippi: Founder and Managing Partner of EnergyNorthAmerica, LLC.


Robert Eckels, Houston, Texas: Founder and Director of Texas Central Railway, Former Texas State Representative, and Former Harris County Judge.


Don Evans, Midland, Texas: Chairman of the Permian Strategic Partnership, Former United States Secretary of Commerce under President George W. Bush, and Former Chairman of Energy Future Holdings.


Scott Frazier, Chapman Ranch, Texas: Texas Farm Bureau Board Member, District 13.


Maynard Holt, Houston, Texas: Chief Executive Officer of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.


Jodie Jiles, Houston, Texas: Director of Business Development for Transwestern Commercial Services and Regent on the University of Texas System Board.


Tom Luce, Dallas, Texas: Founder and Managing Partner of the Hughes and Luce Law Firm and Former United States Assistant Secretary for Education under President George W. Bush.


Tim Matthews, The Woodlands, Texas: Chief Executive Officer of Cozairo Corporation.


Charles McConnell, Houston, Texas: Executive Director for Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability at the University of Houston and Former Assistant Secretary of Energy at the United States Department of Energy under President Obama.


Kenneth Medlock, Houston, Texas: James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics at the Baker Institute and Senior Director of the Center for Energy Studies at Rice University.


Reed Morian, Houston, Texas: Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of DX Holding Company Inc. and DX Service Company Inc. and Former Chairman of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.


Harriet O’Neill, Austin, Texas: Founder of the Law Office of Harriet O’Neill, PC and Former Texas Supreme Court Justice.


Julie Parsley, Johnson City, Texas: Chief Executive Officer at Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Former Texas Solicitor General, and Former Public Utility Commissioner of Texas.


Carl Ray Polk, Lufkin, Texas: Partner at Corner Capital Advisors and Former President and CEO of Polk Oil Co., Inc.


Beth Robertson, Houston, Texas: Managing Partner of Bald Cypress LLC and Chair of the Cullen Foundation.


Ron Simmons, Dallas, Texas: Founder of Retirement Advisors of America and Former Texas State Representative.


Cliff Thomas, Victoria, Texas: Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Managers of Pilot Thomas Logistics, Owner and Founder of Speedy Stop Food Stores and C.L. Thomas Inc., and Regent on the Texas A&M System Board.


The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) is seeking to establish the infrastructure that will incentivize the energy industry to cut their carbon emissions by utilizing Carbon Capture and Underground Storage (CCUS). The CNC will work with energy stakeholders to create the regulatory framework to establish this infrastructure.

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