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CNC Applauds Representative Landgraf for Passing Texas Energy Independence Act

Bill Establishes Texas Primacy Over Energy Regulation

HOUSTON – The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) today praised Representative Brooks Landgraf and the Texas House of Representatives for passing House Bill 1683, known as the Texas Energy Independence Act. The bill will prohibit state agencies and officials from enforcing a federal statute or regulation regulating oil and gas operations if the regulation is not already in existing state law. This bill is key to creating the framework to incentivize Carbon Capture Underground Storage (CCUS) which will preserve the fossil fuel industry and launch new economic opportunities.

“As the energy industry seeks to reduce its carbon emissions, Texas must preserve the fossil fuel industry, which directly employs hundreds of thousands of Texans,” said CNC Founder Corbin Robertson Jr. “In order to do this, the state needs to create the regulatory framework that will preserve this industry by incentivizing green fossil fuels. Representative Landgraf’s bill a first step in enabling the Lone Star State to develop a regulatory structure conducive to the goal of carbon neutrality.  CNC applauds Rep. Landgraf for his leadership.”

The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) is seeking to establish the infrastructure that will incentivize the energy industry to cut their carbon emissions by utilizing Carbon Capture and Underground Storage (CCUS). The CNC will work with existing oil and gas and energy stakeholders to advocate that the state create the regulatory framework to establish this infrastructure and will utilize the expertise and resources of its advisory board.