CNC Applauds the Railroad Commission of Texas’ Adoption of CCUS Rules

AUSTIN – The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) today applauded the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) for its adoption of rules regarding the permitting and regulation of Carbon Capture Underground Storage (CCUS) in the Lone Star State. The adoption of these rules will enable the RRC to implement House Bill 1284, passed in the 2021 regular legislative session, which transferred the regulatory authority of geologic storage of carbon dioxide from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to the RRC. By enabling CCUS, energy companies will be able to reduce their carbon footprint, while expanding jobs and the industry in the Lone Star State.


“This week’s adoption of CCUS rules by the Railroad Commission of Texas will enable energy companies to reduce their carbon footprint, while preserving existing jobs and expanding into new energy sectors,” said CNC Advisory Board Chairwoman, Susan Combs. “If Texas is to remain the energy capital of the world, we must incentivize the industry to invest in new technologies to enable CCUS, and CNC applauds the adoption of these practical rules for the industry. Next session, CNC will work alongside the legislature and stakeholders to further enable the expansion of a growing energy industry that will also preserve our environment for generations to come.”


For a full list of rules that have been adopted by the RRC regarding the permitting and regulation of CCUS in Texas, click here.


The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) is seeking to establish the infrastructure that will incentivize the energy industry to cut their carbon emissions by utilizing Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). The CNC will work with existing oil and gas and energy stakeholders to advocate that the state create the regulatory framework to establish this infrastructure and ensure the preservation of the energy industry in Texas.

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