CNC Participates in Hydrogen Infrastructure Roundtable Alongside Senator Cornyn at the Port of Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI – The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) today participated in a roundtable alongside Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) at the Port of Corpus Christi. The roundtable focused on Senator Cornyn’s recently-introduced bipartisan Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative which will incentivize hydrogen infrastructure and adoption of hydrogen in certain sectors. The initiative creates research and grant programs for advancements in hydrogen infrastructure to explore this energy future.


CNC Advisory Board Member and Port of Corpus Christi CEO, Sean Strawbridge, participated in the roundtable and made the case for further investment in the hydrogen sector and the need for Texas to lead the way in creating an energy future that is affordable and reliable.


“The CNC is grateful to Senator Cornyn for his legislative efforts and will work alongside him to help pass this vital bill which will ensure Texas to remain the nation’s energy leader,” said CNC Advisory Board Member, Sean Strawbridge. “The vast majority of global hydrogen pipeline miles are in Texas and the Gulf Coast, and such infrastructure is unprecedented. By investing in hydrogen and new innovating technologies, Texas can continue to be the energy leader, add jobs, drive our system to carbon neutrality, and power our nation for decades to come.”


In July, CNC released a white paper highlighting the need for greater investment in the hydrogen sector and calling on the Texas legislature to help establish the framework that will lead to a robust hydrogen economy.


Additionally, CNC’s 2023 legislative agenda includes establishing Carbon Capture Underground Storage Incentives (CCUS) such as tax exemptions or credits to support a CCUS industry in Texas, and creating the legal framework for such an industry. CNC will also be working to encourage a newly skilled workforce in the energy sector that will keep Texas the energy capitol of the world.




The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) is seeking to establish the infrastructure that will incentivize the energy industry to cut their carbon emissions by utilizing Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). The CNC will work with existing oil and gas and energy stakeholders to advocate that the state create the regulatory framework to establish this infrastructure and ensure the preservation of the energy industry in Texas.

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