Enbridge, Oxy eyeing possibility of carbon pipeline and sequestration near Corpus Christi


Caller Times , December 20,2022


Houston-based Occidental Petroleum and Enbridge announced Wednesday the companies will explore the possibility of a CO2 pipeline and storage hub near Corpus Christi in an effort to slash emissions associated with oil and gas operations.


The Canadian pipeline company is teaming up with Occidental’s low-carbon business, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, for the feasibility research. The hub would provide “a complete CO2 solution” to Enbridge facilities in the area and would be marketed to other nearby emitters.


Carbon capture involves the sucking in of carbon dioxide during industrial activity, transporting it and then sequestering it deep underground.


“We look forward to working with Enbridge as we advance our plans to develop sequestration hubs that will provide a practical decarbonization solution for industrial emitters,” said Jeff Alvarez, president and general manager of sequestration for Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, in the news release. “This collaboration will help accelerate the path to net zero not only for ourselves, but for other organizations who are exploring end-to-end solutions to capture, transport and permanently store CO2.”


The companies did not disclose a timeline or a cost estimate for the initiative.


Enbridge and Oxy Low Carbon Ventures would develop, construct and operate the pipeline facilities and sequestration facilities, respectively, according to the news release.


“This is a unique opportunity for two organizations to pair complementary skill sets in a way that decarbonizes our own facilities and provides a platform for our industrial neighbors who are also seeking to reduce their emissions,” said Enbridge executive Colin Gruending, vice president and president of liquids pipelines.


Some local environmental groups have expressed skepticism of carbon capture, instead advocating for reducing existing operations or slowing all expansion to keep global warming at bay and avoid the impacts of climate change.


The mitigation of climate change could happen, in part, with a “substantial reduction in overall fossil fuel use,” according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report. However, when fossil fuel use is necessary, the report says it should be paired with carbon capture.


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