Manufacturing industry expands after years of layoffs

By Stephanie Haines

News Nation Now, Oct. 21, 2022


In the heart of north Texas, Made in America is a daily ritual.


Heather Kincannon is a group leader in quality at General Motors’ Arlington Assembly Plant, GM’s bustling plant that has produced more than 12 million vehicles since it opened in 1954.


Today, it churns out about 1,300 SUVs a day.


“It is very rewarding seeing the product go out the door,” Kincannon said. “We are a facility with a high-demand product and we can`t build enough of these. Six days a week we’re running, and yes we always need more quality people.”


Kincannon is one of the millions of workers who work in the manufacturing industry, where jobs are on the rise across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are now close to 12.9 million jobs in manufacturing, almost 100,000 more than before the pandemic.


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